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Voicing the Unvoiced

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

The newest protocol presented in the Freedom Statement Protocol book is the Vocalizing Protocol.

Complete processing of traumatic memories requires more than just releasing images and feelings. After releasing the images and feelings linked with a traumatic event, the event will be "just history"—no intensity even when they try to think about the event. However, not responding to the memory does not mean that there is no remaining impact of the event on a person. Releasing the images and feelings eliminates a person's reaction to an event but it does not release the powerful feelings of what a person wants to say to the person who hurt them. Until the suppressed feelings are expressed, the feelings are locked in the body.

Issues of setting boundaries is one of the consequences of the unexpressed feelings. After voicing the unvoiced feelings, people feel lighter and more empowered.

Girl with arms over face and "I hate you!" written across left arm

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