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Become An ImTT Therapist

Learn how to bring out the best in your clients and give them hope that there is a better way to overcome tough emotional challenges.

Even in one session, individuals can gain confidence that this treatment will work for them.

Your clients want change now. 

They want to change how they feel and change the behaviors that are messing up their life. Managing behaviors is always difficult. We’ve all seen clients hit a roadblock were they feel stuck and can’t move past a certain point, even with the work you do.


Image Transformation Therapy clears that roadblock by eliminating the root cause of the dysfunctional behaviors and negative feelings.


No behavioral management is needed because behaviors will change when the root causes are no longer there.  Sometimes the change is so gentle that the person is so unaware that they are no longer doing the behavior and being affected by a memory the transformation goes unnoticed until asked about it.

If you are a mental health practitioner, in a field that serves to protect others or a leader in a corporate workplace and confronted with dysfunctional behaviors and negative feelings, this is for you.

Start your training today.


No one should have to hold on to trauma or live with overwhelming emotions.


Image Transformation Therapy Certification Program

Learn the unique protocols and new ways of conceptualizing psychological dynamics that make possible a real revolution in the psychological treatment of traumatic memories, anxiety, depression, OCD, behavioral and substance addictions.

Start your training today.

Where other approaches fall short, Image Transformation Therapy leads to breakthroughs.

Training in ImTT has a gentle learning curve. 

 The protocols are easy to learn with scripts provided for different psychological issues.

After the first workshop, you’ll be able to make a significant difference in your clients’ lives.

New psychological concepts make therapy easier and more effective.

You can get to the root causes of psychological problems faster.

Your clients don’t have to relive the feelings or memories of the events.

Life-changing outcomes are possible even after years of trying other types of therapy.

Female Lecturer

Easily integrate the treatment into your practice after the first lesson or workshop. 

Treatments are accomplished by using variations of only two protocols: The Feeling Release Protocol and The Image De-Construction Protocol. The protocols incorporate breathing-visualization techniques that allow feelings and memories stored in the mind and body to be released in a gentle manner.

You can begin using these protocols effectively in therapy immediately after the first workshop.

Your clients will be able to easily follow these protocols because they are based on breathing and visualization.

You’ll have different scripts to address different psychological issues, making it easy for you to begin processing even intense feelings and memories from day 1.

Using new psychological concepts, you’ll be able to identify targets for treatment that make an immediate difference in how your clients think and feel.

Start your training today.

What you’ll learn

Training is flexible and accessible. You can learn in the comfort of your home or workplace using the on-demand training and books, or enroll in a LIVE workshop. Both individual and group consultations are available.

Become more proficient at eliminating your client’s dysfunctional behaviors and helping them live a life of effectiveness and agency.




Module 1 

ImTT Basic Training

You’ll learn the two main protocols of ImTT and watch videos of these protocols  in action.  In addition, you’ll learn how to identify targets for release for therapy using a new model of psychological dynamics—making therapy easier for both client and therapist.


Once the workshop is completed, you’ll be able to immediately use what you have learned to:

  • Release intense feelings such as pain, terror, guilt and shame

  • Eliminate traumatic memories

  • Free up clients from shock and freezing reactions




Module 2 

Advanced ImTT Training

You’ll learn advanced protocols for working with trauma from abuse and memories that are dissociated. In addition, you’ll learn to release the feelings and the resulting behaviors resulting from emotional neglect and boundary violations.  The workshop also focuses on the treatment of anxiety issues including GAD, and phobias.


Once you complete this module you will be able to:


  • Even more effectively clear traumatic memories

  • Process dissociated memories

  • Manage suicidal feelings more effectively

  • Eliminate rage and hate

  • Reduce anxiety and phobias

  • Eliminate negative cognitions




Module 3

Feeling-State Image Protocol Training

You’ll learn how to identify and break the link between a positive feeling and a behavior or substance motivating addictive and compulsive behavior.  


Once you complete this module you will be able to:


  • Break the link between the positive feeling and the behavior or substance

  • Eliminate behavioral compulsions such as sex and gambling compulsions

  • Reduce relapse for substance addictions

  • Eliminate codependent behavior maintaining dysfunctional relationships

  • Eliminate or reduce dysfunctional anger behaviors


Individual and Group Consultation

Groups begin every 3 months.


After completing the Basic Training, you can join the group consultations to help you master ImTT. You will receive an email notification when a new group will begin.


Bring your questions and cases!

Prefer to join a LIVE Workshop?

Because of the pandemic, most live workshops will be online. The workshops will include both a live presentation and practicums with other therapists. Previous experience is not required.

ImTT Certification is available ONLY for therapists with a mental health license,  supervised internship or registered nurse .

Certification exam



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a required prerequisite to attending Module# 1?

Anyone can take the on-demand ImTT workshops. However, if you want training and/or certification, a mental health license or internship is required. A mental health license or mental health internship is necessary for participating in the live workshops.

Q. When can I participate in the consultation groups?

After Module 1 has been completed. Watch your inbox for notification.

Q. Do you offer individual consultation?

Yes.  Contact me with your interest and availability.

Q.  Do I need to buy a book before taking the first workshop?

Yes.  The Image Transformation Therapy Scripts for Therapists book is necessary for using what you’ve learned when you clients. 

Q. Can I download the Powerpoint presentation?

The Powerpoint can be downloaded after opening the first module.

Q. Is there a cancellation or refund policy?

There is a “no refund” policy for on-demand workshops.  For live workshops, the refund policy is stated in the registration.

Q. Do you offer scholarships?


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