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Books with Concepts, Protocols, and Practice

– by Robert Miller, PhD

Access the theory and applications that help many psychological issues improve faster.

“It’s incredibly satisfying and rewarding as a clinician to be able to bring such deep healing into peoples’ lives, using ImTT.  It has provided very significant leverage in helping clients resolve a broad range of emotional disturbances, including traumatic triggers, negative beliefs/thought patterns, anxious reactions and experiences like panic and obsessions, and many other forms of fear and emotional pain… Clients are typically drawn to the concept of releasing emotional disturbance without having to “lean in” to the feeling, which I consider to be a key advantage of IMTT. And because clients can observe their steady progress in using IMTT to resolve disturbances, they seem more able to stay engaged in therapeutic work that can otherwise be daunting. I see IMTT as a truly transformational approach with broad applicability across a wide range of emotional/psychological issues, and am extremely thankful for Dr. Miller’s ongoing innovation and development of this set of powerful, impactful techniques."

​Books, Scripts, Audios, and Transcripts you can use in your practice today.​

  • ​​​All books are available in print from Amazon or download the eBook on this website. 

  • E-books cannot be printed. If you would like printed scripts, please purchase a print book.


The Basic Training

E-books are available for purchase and quick download.

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