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The Freedom Statement Protocol

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

The Freedom Statement Protocol (FSP) is the newest addition to ImTT. It's also one of the most amazing protocols I've developed. It's amazing for several reasons. The first reason is the targets the protocol identifies. Survival behaviors from both the earliest childhood and later in life can be easily identified. Behaviors such as "hiding," "stifling myself," "running away"—behaviors that you may not even be aware of—can be identified and eliminated. People are amazed at what emerges during the process and of the profound changes that take place.

The second reason is that the FSP is easy enough that people can do it by themselves, though the release will be more complete with a therapist's guidance.

The FSP book contains complete instructions and scripts for doing the Basic and Advanced FSP.

The Freedom Statement Protocol

Available as eBook or print from Amazon


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