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Woman comforting man who is suffering from trauma-related symptoms

Have you experienced a life-changing traumatic event?

Dr. Robert Miller. in collaboration with researchers at University of California San Diego, is conducting a research study testing the effectiveness of a new therapy for treating PTSD. If you suffer from PTSD, consider joining the study.

Female patient and female therapist in a session

What is the treatment?

Treatment is free and consists of five 75-minute therapy sessions over a 5-week period. Sessions will be done over Zoom with a licensed therapist and are completely confidential. No drugs or medications. No travel required .

Person sitting with knees up and crying while looking at phone

Who is this for?

If you struggle with PTSD symptoms (nightmares. flashbacks, hypervigilance, and avoidance issues) linked to a specific event, are between the ages of 18-70, and are located in California, Texas, Pennsylvania, or Delaware, you may be eligible for the study. 

A male patient and male therapist in a session

Treatment is free for eligible participants

Five 75-minute therapy sessions over a 5-week period

Sessions will be done remotely over Zoom

Completely confidential

No travel required

Are you living with PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder can happen to anvone who experiences a traumatic event and it can be triggered at any time. If you suffer from PTSD, Consider taking part in this study.


What is a study and why is it important?

Research studies are performed with volunteers and are an important process in evaluating the effectiveness of new treatments.

What is the purpose of this PTSD study? 

The purpose of this study is to test the effectiveness of lmage Transformation Therapy (IMTT) in treating PTSD. This research study isevaluated by University of California San Diego as the lnstitutionaI Review Board (IRB). The UCSD Human Research Protections Program (HRPP) has approved this project.

Is treatment free?


What will the study involve?

What Will Happen: If you agree to he in this study, you will:

1) Complete questionnaires about yourself using the Qualtrics on line platform, including demographic questions and questions about your medical and mental health

2) Complete a clinical interview that lasts about 75-120 minutes to confirm your eligibility for the study 
3) Be randomly assigned to the Treatment or Control group, and you will be blind to which one you are in until the end of the study. (If you are placed in the control group, you will then receive IMTT therapy, free of charge, at the end of your participation in the Control group. At that point, if you agree, you will still be considered a participant in the study, but now in the Treatment group.)

4) Dr. Miller will set up an appointment for you at his first available time slot, anywhere from 1-7 weeks from today. 

5) Receive 5 weeks of IMTT with a trained therapist, which is the standard of care used by the lMTT Institute in their treatment of PTSD. This will consist of 5 weeks (roughly consecutive, depending on scheduling) of individualized therapy conducted through Zoom.

6) Be asked to fill out Questionnaires over a survey application called "Qualtrics" and the link to the questionnaires will be delivered in the Zoom chat before and after each therapy session

7) On the 6th visit (roughly 1 week after the final IMTT session), complete a wrap up session that includes the questionnaires without tho therapy session.

8) About 3 months later, complete a follow-up questionnaire through the Qualtrics platform. 

Any additional questions?

Questions can be directed to Dr. Miller at, Dr. Karen Dobkins at Dr. Janna Dickenson at, or Stephen Raynes at The UCSD Human Research Protections Program (HRPP) has approved this project. If you hava any questions concerning your rights as a research participant, you may contact HRPP at 858-246-HRPP (858-246-4777) 

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