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Enter A New Dimension 
With Image Transformation

Image Transformation is a breakthrough in the treatment of traumatic memories, anxiety, panic attacks, and OCD.  Are one of more of these issues stopping you living the life you want to live?  Eliminate them with ImTT.

"Happiness is the exercise of vital powers, in line with excellence, in a life affording them scope"

Our Story

Dr. Miller has been treating people with traumatic memories since 1995. At Camp Pendleton Marine Base, he was a specialist in treating traumatic memories from combat. ImTT began as a way to make treating traumatic memories less intense and more effective.  Over the years, hundreds of therapists have been trained in Image Transformation Therapy and thousands of clients helped.

"Happiness is the exercise of vital powers, in line with excellence, in a life affording them scope"

Volunteers Needed for PTSD Study

The Image Transformation Institute in collaboration with UCSD is conducting a study of the effectiveness of ImTT in the treatment of PTSD....

The Pushback Response

A traumatized person is affected in two ways. The first way is the feelings and memories of the event. Whenever something happens that...

The Freedom Statement Protocol

The Freedom Statement Protocol (FSP) is the newest addition to ImTT. It's also one of the most amazing protocols I've developed. It's...

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What Therapists Are Saying

Cynthia Wynn, LMFT

In my clinical opinion (of 31 years!) It is clear that ImTT has gone beyond the principles and protocols of our beloved EMDR.
Dr. Miller's expansive and yet precise model of how to effectively and permanently treat a large variety of negative emotions, sensations and embedded feelings is completely cutting - edge.
There is no one in our profession like Dr. Miller. For the last 16 years I have watched him in clinical supervision groups or workshops working brilliantly with everyone from the trauma of Veterans, to working with every imaginable dysfunctional behaviors and negative beliefs and emotions/disturbing images and negative cognitions.
The psychological transformation work in the office is gentle and compassionate - allowing the patient to release patterns that have caused so much pain and terror.
Lastly, the theory has a broad lexicon of feeling words with all of their subtle nuances, that helps clinicians truly understand the felt experience of the client.

Learn How Therapists Can Use ImTT to Help Patients Live Better Lives

Breakthrough Treatment

ImTT treatments help eliminate traumatic memories and negative feelings, and create powerful images from positive memories.

Training In ImTT

We train therapists with live and on-demand workshops and individual and group consultations.

Current Research

The Image Transformation Institute is currently doing a study of ImTT treatment for PTSD.  A study on sexual addiction will begin next year.

Our Mission

ImTT is dedicated to providing the most effective psychological treatment so that people can live their lives without the baggage of the past.

Advanced Training

ImTT therapists are trained to work with many different kinds of issues.

Fast Results on Many Issues

With ImTT, releasing the feelings and images starts quickly.  Your results will provide you with the feedback that ImTT is right for  you.

Start living your life the way you want to live it.

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