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Sad Woman suffering emotinally because of her life's experiences

How much of your life do you waste every day because of traumatic memories, anxiety, depression, or dysfunctional behaviors?

The daily struggle makes it difficult to enjoy life. Even with therapy, progress may eventually hit an emotional block and you might not know why.

What if you could live your life without the baggage from the past and without traumatic memories that are causing you pain and terror in your present life? 

Image Transformation Therapy goes beyond traditional psychological treatment and is gentle, effective, and efficient  – for both the client and the therapist.


experience the pain, terror, guilt, or shame

relive the trauma to process the trauma – instead you’ll release it from the psychological system

manage behavior instead of eliminating the cause of the behavior

Image by Raphael Renter
photo of woman therapist

Natalie Zemaitis, LCSW

I never cease to be impressed with ImTT and Dr. Robert Miller's insights on how to help people heal emotionally and change behaviorally. I now lead with ImTT because of how quickly it works and gentle it is for clients to create change. It’s humbling to see decades of distress and dysfunction resolve, sometimes in one session. It makes clinical work such a rewarding experience for client and practitioner.

What Therapists Are Saying


What does ImTT help with?

ImTT is safe and effective for children, teens, and adults.


Gently process traumatic memories without re-experiencing the pain and terror


Releasing the pain and heaviness of depression provides

immediate relief


Releasing built-up anxiety provides immediate relief before tackling the root causes


Behavioral and substance addictions are treated by targeting the root causes

 Finally get the results you're looking for — as a patient or as a therapist.

Education for Therapists

Become Trained in Image Transformation Therapy


Because of the pandemic, most live workshops will be online. The workshops will include both a live presentation and practicums with other therapists. Previous experience is not required.


Leading to ImTT Certification

Learn the concepts and protocols to become an effective ImTT therapist for treating your patients.


ImTT and its applications to many psychological issues are presented in these books written by Robert Miller, PhD.


Learn how to bring out the best in your clients and give them hope that there is a better way to overcome tough emotional challenges.

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FREE! Audios for individuals and therapists.

By following the easy breathing/visualization, you can release intense feelings of emotional pain and terror, as well as debilitating shock and freezing reactions.

Audios are currently only available in English.

Innovative Research Matters

You can take part in ImTT’s research and help charter changes in Psychotherapy

Womans suffering from PTSD

Active Study

Do you or someone you know have nightmares, flashbacks, hyper-vigilance, or avoidance issues linked to a specific event?

If so, you may be eligible for free psychological therapy as part of a research study of Image Transformation Therapy.

cards and dice gambling

Complete Research

Treatment of Behavioral Addictions Utilizing the Feeling-State Addiction Protocol

The study focused on the effectiveness of the Feeling-State Addiction Protocol with subjects with multiple behavioral addictions.

Start living the life you want to live.

Go beyond managing behaviors. Eliminate them with Image Therapy Transformation.

Need more information or have questions?


behaviors instead of managing behaviors.

traumatic memories or negative feelings faster.


the life you want to live.

Find the life and freedom you’ve been searching for

ImTT eliminates traumatic memories, disruptive thoughts, and behaviors without reliving the experience

Transform your life today!

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