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How We Can Help 

Psychological issues are caused by dysfunctional feelings and images in a person’s mind.  ImTT identifies the root cause of a specific feeling or behavior and eliminates it.  No behavioral management is needed because behaviors change when the root causes are no longer there.

Traumatic Memories

Gently process traumatic memories without re-experiencing the pain and terror

Crisis Management

Quickly reduce the intensity of suicidal thoughts, intense anxiety, and depression

Working With Children

Children as young as 5 years old can easily release negative feelings and images

Chronic Pain Management

The intensity of physical pain can be immediately reduced


The goal of OCD treatment is to eliminate the underlying cause of the behavior


Behavioral and substance addictions are treated by targeting the root causes


Releasing the feelings of overstimulation and anxiety improve daily functioning


Releasing built-up anxiety provides immediate relief before tackling the root causes


Releasing the pain and heaviness of depression provides immediate relief

Start living your life the way you want to live it.

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