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One person’s experience of using ImTT to reduce the symptoms of Autism

After working with Robert Miller, I found that aspects of my life had changed for the better. First, I found before working with Robert that my reaction to a new or unusual social situations was not good. My anxiety was high and with the high anxiety came slower thought processing. The slower thought processing led to a harder time thinking about what I needed to do in social situations and keeping track of what is going on around me. Other difficulties I had before working with Robert were that I had a problem with brain processing speed. This would lead to my brain taking longer to process information and processing stuff as fast as I needed to. 

After Robert taught me de-stressing techniques, I found that my anxiety went away and I was calmer in new or unusual social situations. because I was calmer or having no anxiety, my thought processing was quicker. because of the quicker thought processing, it was easier to think during interacting in a social situation and was easier to keep track of what is going on. Robert then worked with me on techniques to quicken processing speed. After doing these techniques, my thought processing speed was much quicker and my ability to process things in the time I need to process things is better.
Due to these techniques Robert had taught me. I found that my everyday life is easier and better because of Robert’s work.

Start living your life the way you want to live it.

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