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The Cross-Dresser
  • The Cross-Dresser

The Cross-Dresser


Crossing-Dressing, gambling compulsion, sex addiction, and spending compulsion are all different types of behaviors caused by Feeling-States. A Feeling-States is a psychological dynamics that links a positive feeling with a behavior—any behavior.  That is why there are so many different types of behavioral compulsions.  The Cross-Dresser illustrates the treatment of one form of behavior compulsion, cross-dressing, using Image Transformation Therapy.  Even though the focus is on cross-dressing, the therapy is similar for all behavioral compulsions.

The transcripts in this book are from real sessions illustration a complete course of treatment for one client.  The transcripts are edited only for clarity and removing the repetitive parts of the session scripts.   The purpose of the transcripts is to illustrate the use of the ImTT protocols in session as they are used to work through the persons’ issues.      

Image Transformation Therapy (ImTT) is major breakthrough in the treatment of trauma, OCD, depression, anxiety. Intense feelings, such as terror, pain, guilt, and shame, which are often a major obstacle to treatment, can be released without the person having to feel them. This prevents flooding and dissociating during treatment.

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