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Image Transformation Therapy Scripts for Therapists
  • Image Transformation Therapy Scripts for Therapists

Image Transformation Therapy Scripts for Therapists


Image Transformation Therapy (ImTT) is major breakthrough in the treatment of trauma, OCD, depression, anxiety. Intense feelings, such as terror, pain, guilt, and shame, which are often a major obstacle to treatment, can be released without the person having to feel them. This prevents flooding and dissociating during treatment. In addition, ImTT also utilizes a new model of psychological dynamics called the Survival Model of Psychological Dynamics that provides an effective and efficient approach to treating mental disorders. The result is that both emotional and behavioral changes are easier, gentler, and faster.The ImTT Scripts for Therapists manual provides scripts of the ImTT protocols that the therapist can read to their clients.  The manual has 32 scripts targeting different disorders such as phobias, depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, chronic pain, and trauma.    At the beginning of each section is a discussion of the ImTT approach to the disorder and a script to help the client set up the appropriate target for processing.  In addition to the scripts, the manual has an overview of Image Transformation Therapy and a section that can be read to explain ImTT to clients.The sixth edition introduces an even more effective and gentler approach to eliminating difficult memories.  There are new protocols for releasing feelings and sensations.  This scripts book is the appropriate manual for those therapists who are just beginning to learn ImTT therapy.  Each section is complete in itself for easy use during therapy sessions.

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