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Image Transformation Therapy Advanced Scripts for Therapists
  • Image Transformation Therapy Advanced Scripts for Therapists

Image Transformation Therapy Advanced Scripts for Therapists


The new Fifth Edition Advanced Scripts manual adds 2 new protocols for releasing negative cognitions.  This is in addition to the recent protocols for more effectively and efficiently eliminating traumatic memories and anxiety.


Attitude Sphere Protocol:  The ASP eliminates an important source of negative cognitions—other people's attitudes that are imprinted onto a person's psyche.  This protocol is both fast and effective.   It is a shortcut to changing negative cognitions.


Induced Shock Protocol: The ISP eliminates the shock created when a person tries to accept an evidently true belief that is contradicted by a negative cognition.  Releasing the shock allows a person to accept the evidence of what is true.


Traumatic memories: The focus of treatment now is on releasing the contact sensations that occur during an event rather than on feelings. Releasing the contact sensations significantly reduces the intensity of the feelings and images. The order in which a traumatic memory is processed differs according to whether the event is a contact, no contact, no direct threat, and direct threat type of event. This development is the result of the ongoing PTSD study.


Anxiety: A new protocol called the Predicted Pain Protocol (PPP) is a breakthrough in the treatment of anxiety. The PPP utilizes the concept from cognitive research that the mind is always predicting what will happen. Releasing the predicted pain eliminates situational anxiety—anxiety that occurs when a person thinks of doing a behavior. The PPP also eliminates hypervigilance when utilized in conjunction with the trauma protocols and is a very important part of complex PTSD treatment.


           The purpose of the Scripts for Therapists manuals is to provide a road map and specific scripts that can be read to the client in session for the treatment of psychological issues. The ImTT Advanced Scripts for Therapists is a manual for those clinicians who have already taken the ImTT basic workshop and have sufficient experience using this approach with clients to become familiar with the protocols and the reactions, complications, and transformations that result from using ImTT.  This manual is a companion to the Image Transformation Therapy book, 7th ed. (Miller, 2024).             


           The Advanced Scripts is for therapists with prior experience with ImTT protocols.   


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