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Become an ImTT Therapist

Image Transformation Therapy gets to the root of psychological problems.  To become an ImTT therapist, the Basic and Advanced ImTT Workshops, and the Feeling-State Image Protocol Workshop are required.  To become a certified ImTT therapist, individual and group consultations are required.  However, you can immediately begin using the ImTT protocols in your practice after the first workshop.

Advanced Training Courses

The gentle learning curve takes you from the most basic protocols to advanced training for trauma and addictions.

Traumatic Made Easy

The protocols make  processing traumatic memories easy on both therapists and patients.

Emotional Neglect

Using basic protocols,  you can releasing the impact of emotional neglect.

Addiction Treatment

Eliminate both the negative and positive feelings and images that drive the addictive behavior.

Jennifer Chambers

Private Practice

San Antonio, Texas

Donna Savage, LMFT

Private Practice

Palos Verdes Estates, California

Scott Kampschaefer, LISW-CP

Private Practice

Frederick, Maryland

Natalie Zemaitis

Private Practice

Broomall, Pennsylvania

These are a few of the many ImTT Therapists. Click here to view more

Pain Release (30 seconds between steps)

This audio can be used to release any feeling other than shock or frozen. The time between instructions is 30 seconds.

Pain Release (40 seconds between steps)

This audio can be used to release any feeling other than shock or frozen. The time between instructions is 40 seconds.

Releasing Emotional Pain

Release emotional pain using the Pain Release audio. Just identify the color of the pain and following the breathing/visualization instructions. Sit in a comfortable position with legs uncrossed, turn on the audio, and use the Pain Release Protocol to release your pain.

Audios for Releasing Feelings

Feelings of pain, terror, shock, and frozen can be released by following the instructions in the free audios.

Crisis Management

Suicidal thoughts, intense anxiety, and severe depression can be quickly reduced using the Pain/Terror Release Protocol.  Free audio download.

Crisis Management Treatment

Suicidal ideations occur when a person feels intense emotional pain, anxiety, or depression.  People don't really want to kill themselves—they just want out of pain. These feelings can be quickly reduced using the Pain Terror/Release Protocol (P/TRP).  Usually, a reduction in the intensity of suicidal ideations occurs immediately after doing the protocol. After the feeling is released, the patient is emotionally available for treating the cause of the problem.  The P/TRP audio can also be used to reduce the intensity of feelings that arise between sessions.

     In addition to the P/TRP, audios of the Shock and Frozen Protocols can be useful in further reducing the intensity of feelings.

Shock Reaction Release Audio

Shock occurs in every traumatic and life-changing event. Use the Shock Release audio to release your shock.

Shock Reaction Release

Shock numbs the feelings and fixates memories.  Releasing the shock allows the mind to process the memory.

Frozen Feeling Release

This audio can be used to release a frozen feeling.

Frozen Feeling Release

The freeze reaction stops action and incapacitates.  Underlying feelings of overwhelm, procrastination, and anxiety can result from a frozen sensation that is preventing you from being effective in your life.  Use the Frozen Release audio to restore your capacities.

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